With open mouth behavior and mouth breathing, the strength of the orbicularis oris muscle is insufficient. Whether that force is (in) sufficient can be measured with the Force scale. To strengthen a flaccid orbicularis oris muscle, in addition to the various lip-strengthening exercises for this, the OMFT regularly uses masking of the lips with a lip plaster. This can be done with various techniques and materials, such as OmnifixFixomull stretch, Micropore, Myotape and kinesio taping, for which Cure tape is usually used. Kinesiotape stimulates hypotonic muscles and inhibits hypertonic muscles: the skin is lifted, which affects the function of the underlying muscles.



To influence the orbicularis oris muscle, the Cure tape is applied with 10–20% stretch, so that it has an activating effect on the orbicularis oris muscle. The client feels the muscle contract, causing the lips to close. Yet there is the possibility to open the mouth and speak. This way of kinesio taping can be used while sleeping and during the day. 

  • Elastic CureTape
    Elastic CureTape

    Excellent elastic lip plaster for taping the skin under which the orbicularis oris is located. This way of taping activates the orbicularis oris, which improves the lip closure.

    € 4,95
  • New product

    Lip tape (from Myospots)
    Lip tape (from Myospots)

    Tape for subtly covering the lips, so that nasal breathing takes place and snoring is prevented. Ideal for men with a beard, because the tape can be stuck on the lips.

    € 17,50
  • Myotape (small, medium or large)
    Myotape (small, medium or large)

    Myotape for kids and for adults. The tape stimulates nose breathing, prevents snoring and strengthens the muscles around the mouth. The tape thus contributes to healthy growth and development of jaws and teeth.

    € 19,25
  • New in this webshop

    Myotape Sensitive (for the sensitive skin)
    Myotape Sensitive (for the sensitive skin)

    This Myotape is especially made for people with a sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic Myotape Sensitive is available in medium and large sizes.

    € 19,25
  • Myotape with animal prints
    Myotape with animal prints

    Myotape for kids is also available in this version, where the tapes are printed with fun animal heads such as a bear or frog.

    € 19,25
  • Myotape Sport
    Myotape Sport

    With Myotape Sport the mouth remains closed during sports practice and nasal breathing takes place. This increases oxygen intake and therefore also sports performances.

    € 19,25
  • Fixomull strech lip plaster
    Fixomull strech lip plaster

    Sturdy elastic fixation plaster on a roll (10 meters x 5 cm) for sealing the lips to prevent mouth breathing.

    € 9,75
  • Omnifix lip plaster
    Omnifix lip plaster

    Elastic fixation plaster on a roll (10 meters x 5 cm) for sealing the lips to prevent mouth breathing. Good alternative to Fixomull stretch.

    € 4,75
  • New in this webshop

    3M Micropore
    3M Micropore

    The Micropore adhesive plaster from 3M can be used to cover the mouth while sleeping. Then nasal breathing takes place, which is healthier and prevents snoring in many cases.

    € 1,50
  • Starters kit OMFT
    Starters kit OMFT

    Start working with OMFT with this basis of instruments and materials.

    € 182,50

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