Vertical growth of the face

As an experienced OMFT speech therapist you will work a lot with trainers / myobraces. You prefer to start with this at a young age in order to influence the growth and direction of the jaws towards a good growth direction. Open bites will close and very often a neat Angle class I will arise.

Lower indicator line opmeten
Lower indicator line eand measuring the angle of mandible

To determine whether the direction of growth of the jaws in a client is good, you must determine the upper and lower indicator line at different times during therapy. This is easiest with a digital caliper. You will see that with a vertical growth, the angle  of the mandible also increases. You can easily determine this with the measurer of the angle of mandible.

  • Digital caliper
    Digital caliper

    To determine the upper and lower indicator line of the jaws, that indicate in what direction the mandible and maxilla are growing.

    € 7,50
  • Measurer for angle of mandible
    Measurer for angle of mandible

    To give an indication whether the open bite is skelletal or muscular of origin. With open mouth behaviour and a low possition of the tongue in rest there possibly can develop a more vertical growth of the mandible.

    € 8,00

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