Vertical growth of the face

An experienced OMFT therapist often works with trainers. Preferably at a young age, to influence the growth and the direction of the jaws to a good growth direction. After all, open mouth behavior and a low tongue position can lead to a more vertical growth of the lower jaw.

Lower indicator line opmeten
Lower indicator line and measuring the angle of mandible.

To determine whether the growth direction of the jaws is correct, the upper and lower indicator line must be determined at different times during the therapy. This can be done with a digital caliper. The digital caliper is also useful for measuring the maximum mouth opening, the mouth opening with the tongue raised and the interincisal distance (measuring the mouth opening with a sucked tongue).

With vertical growth, the jaw angle also increases. This is easy to determine with the measurer for angle of mandible. There are different opinions about when there is a deviating jaw angle. A normal jaw angle is between 85 and 120 degrees. In our courses, we therefore state that a jaw angle greater than 120 degrees is abnormal. This is in line with the view of the American orthodontist C. Steiner, who states that a deviating jaw angle is between 120 and 130 degrees. However, another orthodontist from the United States, J. Jarabak, believes that there is only a deviating jaw angle between 123 and 137 degrees.

  • Digital caliper
    Digital caliper

    To determine the upper and lower indicator line of the jaws, which give an indication of the growth direction of the jaws.

    € 7,50
  • Measurer for angle of mandible
    Measurer for angle of mandible

    To give an indication whether the open bite is skelletal or muscular of origin. With open mouth behaviour and a low possition of the tongue in rest, there can develop a more vertical growth of the mandible.

    € 8,00
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    Anatomy model of the head
    Anatomy model of the head

    Cross-section of the head to explain, among other things, nasal breathing, tongue placement and correct swallowing. The anatomy model makes the explanation visual and clear.

    € 64,75
  • Dental model for OMFT instruction
    Dental model for OMFT instruction

    A handy and widely used tool for OMFT, with which explanation and instruction can be given to clients and/or their parents.

    € 23,95
  • Starters kit OMFT
    Starters kit OMFT

    Start working with OMFT with this basis of instruments and materials.

    € 169,50

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