Payne technique

Most oro myofunctional problems are associated with a deviate swallow and / or a low tongue position at rest. So it is important to find out how a person grinds his food, shapes it to a ball and swallows it, and to make him/her aware of the deviate swallow. With the Payne technique you can determine if the tongue tip comes addentally or interdentally during a swallow. It is also shown whether or not the dorsum of the tongue is well aspirated against the palate: a condition for a good swallow. The technique is simple:

  • Apply with a clean spatula some dots of Payne paste on several points of the tongue
  • After the client has swallowed several times, the traces of the Payne paste show how the tongue moved during the swallow
  • This is easily made visible by shining with a Payne lamp in the mouth: the Payne paste lights up and shows the swallowing traces
  • It is important to show your client these traces (by means of a mirror in combination with a disposable mouth mirror), to make him/her aware of the deviate swallow.


  • Payne lamp
    Payne lamp

    Useful to visualize the position or the tongue at rest and during an active swallow. To be used in combination with Payne-pasta.

    € 7,50
  • Disposable spatulas (100 pcs)
    Disposable spatulas (100 pcs)

    To apply the payne pasta in the mouth.

    € 11,00
  • Disposable mouth mirrors
    Disposable mouth mirrors

    Disposable mouth mirrors (20 p), to see the pressure points marked with the payne paste.

    € 5,00
  • Mirror

    A simple morror, to make it possible for the client to look into the mouth.

    € 2,00

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