Learning a correct swallow

When teaching a correct swallow, you can practice with drinking water from a glass. There is also a tool available to automate the correct swallow: the FroggyMouth.

Drinking from a glass
When teaching to swallow in the right way, you can practice the swallowing steps by letting the client drink water from a glass. If the tongue comes out immediately at the start of the sip or too large gulps are swallowed, you can use a syringe. Also if the client can not hold a sip of water with the tongue while the molars are not in occlusion, the syringe can be helpful. Ask the client to bring the tip of the tongue to ‘the spot’, behind the upper teeth (papilla incisiva). The molars are brought into occlusion and the lips are closed. Place the end of the dosing syringe in between the lips in the corner. Spray a small amount of water into the mouth, towards the molars. Let the client suck the water on the tongue. The client then lowers the lower jaw while the tongue is being placed against the palate and holds the water. Subsequently swallowing is done according to the swallowing steps described in the oro myofunctional protocol. No sound may be heard during the swallow moment. If a slurp is heard, this indicates the unwinding of the tongue is insufficient.

The FroggyMouth corrects the swallowing functions by teaching a new behavior pattern. With a FroggyMouth between the lips, the upper and lower teeth make light contact during swallowing and the tongue presses properly against the roof of the mouth (the tip of the tongue just behind the front upper teeth). The FroggyMouth is worn for 15 minutes a day while watching television. In that time the swallowing pattern changes, which eventually ensures that this also happens when the FroggyMouth is not worn. This requires at least three months.

  • Syringes (4 pieces)
    Syringes (4 pieces)

    Usefull to train a correct swallow, especially when the tongue tends to slip forward when taking a sip of water, or when it is not possible for the client to hold the water with the tongue while the molars are not in occlusion.

    € 1,15
  • Myo Munchee
    Myo Munchee

    Chewing with a Myo Munchee improves the strength of the mouth muscles and contributes to good oral functions. It also contributes to healthy gums and good oral hygiene.

    € 79,99
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    Myospots stimulate the correct tongue position, so that nasal breathing takes place and jaws and teeth develop healthily. Myospots are small pads that are sticked at the top of the mouth and cause the tongue to come up.

    € 32,50
  • Dental model for OMFT instruction
    Dental model for OMFT instruction

    A handy and widely used tool for OMFT, with which explanation and instruction can be given to clients and/or their parents.

    € 24,95
  • Anatomy model of the head
    Anatomy model of the head

    Cross-section of the head to explain, among other things, nasal breathing, tongue placement and correct swallowing. The anatomy model makes the explanation visual and clear.

    € 67,50
  • Starters kit OMFT
    Starters kit OMFT

    Start working with OMFT with this basis of instruments and materials.

    € 182,50

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