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Chewing is good for everyone. It improves the strength of the mouth muscles and contributes to good oral functions. Chewing has an effect on optimal facial growth, correct swallowing patterns, normal digestion and even concentration and memory. Like any other part of the body, the jaw and facial muscles need exercise to stay healthy. The Myo Munchee helps children and adults with this. This is necessary, because nowadays we eat a lot of soft processed food, which has consequences for oral development.

The Myo Munchee is developed in Australia. Originally for healthy gums and oral hygiene. Over time it became clear that chewing with a Myo Munchee has many more benefits. Doing chewing exercises for 5 minutes twice a day with a Myo Munchee, improves the function of the muscles of the lips, face and jaws. It also stimulates lip closure, correct placement of the tongue at rest, correct swallowing and nasal breathing. The chewing tool stimulates normal facial growth and teaches proper oral functions for life.

Anyone can use the Myo Munchee, even without the advice or guidance of a professional (with the exception of the special Myo Munchee for babies). If you need to work purposefully on correct swallowing, this can be done with oro-myofunctional therapy (whereby the FroggyMouth can be used also).

The Myo Munchee is made of soft medical grade silicone. The mouthpiece has the shape of a mouthguard and is equipped with a handle that is removable. It is soft and has many silicone protrusions that massage the teeth and gums.

How to use the Myo Munchee?
Rinse the Myo Munchee with cold running water before use. Place the Myo Munchee in the mouth with the notch at the top. When the handle is attached, it sticks out. Chew with the Myo Munchee in the mouth twice a day for 3 to a maximum of 5 minutes at a time (depending on the age and the corresponding version of the Myo Munchee). Keep your lips closed as much as possible while chewing. This not only strengthens the muscles, but also prevents excessive wear of the chewing instrument. Chew evenly on both sides; chewing only on one side can weaken the Myo Munchee over time. Rinse the Myo Munchee under cold running water after use and dry it. Store the Myo Munchee out of direct sunlight in a well-ventilated area.

The Myo Munchee comes in 5 sizes, tailored to different age categories from 6 months to 100+. These are the 5 versions:

Myo Munchee Bebe - For babies from 6 to 18 months
This is the only Myo Munchee that should only be used on the advice of a professional. The Myo Munchee Bebe can therefore only be purchased in this webshop by a speech therapist, dentist, orthodontist or oro-facial therapist. When completing the order, state your registered company number in the comments.
The Myo Munchee Bebe is only provided per set of 2 pieces, unlike the other versions which are sold individually. The Myo Munchee Bebe has been specially developed to help babies establish essential nasal breathing patterns and improve the tone and function of the muscles of the lips, face and jaws. Suck-swallow-breathe is an essential synchronization for babies. When this process is not functioning properly, it can lead to mouth breathing and loss of tension of the facial muscles. The Myo Munchee Bebe is made of soft, flexible silicone that is perfect for babies going through this oral stage of development. Babies find it pleasant and soothing to use. Using the Myo Munchee Bebe stimulates the gums during teething and makes use of the present chewing reflexes. When the baby has the instrument in the mouth, it cannot breathe through the mouth. So breathing takes place through the nose. The Myo Munchee Bebe only needs to be in the mouth for a short time to have benefits (10-20 seconds at a time is nice). The instrument helps coordinating chewing-swallowing-breathing; a neurological pattern we use throughout life.

Myo Munchee Mini – For children from 18 months to 4 years
The Myo Munchee Mini gives little children a head start on healthy habits through the natural action of chewing. The lower part of the face has many important functions: eating, drinking, swallowing, breathing and speaking. It is essential that there is proper tone, function and balance of the muscles and bones to perform these functions. Especially in this phase, because 60% of facial growth takes place in the first 4 years of life.
The Myo Munchee Mini can very well be used to replace a pacifier (and therefore also to reduce the use of a pacifier). It is also an aid for oral hygiene, reducing an open bite and tongue pressing. The instrument can possibly be used as a pre-orthodontic trainer.
Start with short use. Increase that when the chewing power is more developed to 3 minutes at a time (2 times a day). Chewing while reading a story is a good way to get into the routine. Make sure the lips stay together and the instrument stays in place while chewing.

Myo Munchee Junior – For children ages 4 to 8
For everyone in this age group, the Myo Munchee is a good aid for sufficient strength in the jaw and mouth muscles and the stimulation of good oral functions. The Myo Munchee can also be used in oro-myofunctional therapy to improve oral functions. It is especially helpful with open bites and tongue pressing. It also contributes to oral hygiene. In studies (Osaka Dental University) the Myo Munchee has been shown to be as effective as a toothbrush in cleaning the teeth in this age group. It is recommended to chew actively for 5 minutes twice a day with the Myo Munchee Junior.

Myo Munchee Tween - For children aged 8 to 14 and adults with a narrow jaw structure
For everyone in this age group, the Myo Munchee is a good aid for sufficient strength in the jaw and mouth muscles and the stimulation of good oral functions. The Myo Munchee can also be used in oro-myofunctional therapy to improve oral functions. Furthermore, this chewing instrument contributes to oral hygiene. Use the Myo Munchee Tween for 5 minutes twice a day.

Myo Munchee Adult – For kids ages 14 and up and adults of any age
The Myo Munchee Adult complements daily health and wellness routines and can be used actively or passively during the day. The following applies to active use: a maximum of 10 minutes, divided over several moments. Passive use, placing in the mouth without chewing, can be used for extended periods and is a good way to provoke nasal breathing, stimulate correct swallowing patterns and improve oral posture. The Myo Munchee Adult is generally suitable for all teens aged 14 and adults of any age. If the back molars haven't erupted by age 14, the Myo Munchee Tween may be a better fit. Alternatively, the back plates can be shortened to reduce the overall length.
The Myo Munchee Adult can be an aid in, among other things: craniofacial development, oro-myofunctional therapy, orthodontic protocols, stimulating saliva production, improving oral hygiene, bone and joint health, periodontal disease, manual therapy and dementia therapy.

More information can be found on the official website of Myo Munchee

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