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Only to be ordered by orthodontists, dentists, speech therapists, oro-facial therapists and other professionals; not by clients themselves (see information at the bottom of this page).

The FroggyMouth corrects wrong swallowing functions. In a way that goes beyond the usual, because a shorter treatment time is needed, results are better in many cases and the risk of relapse is small.

The FroggyMouth corrects the swallowing functions by learning a new behavior pattern. With a FroggyMouth between the lips, the upper and lower teeth make light contact as you swallow and press the tongue against the roof of the mouth (just behind the front upper teeth).

15 minutes a day, minimum 3 months
The FroggyMouth is worn for 15 minutes a day while watching television. During that 15 minutes, the swallowing pattern changes, which in the long run ensures that this also happens if the FroggyMouth is not worn. This requires at least three months. After that, if necessary, attention can be paid to the lip closure (eventualy with the aid of the therefore developed lippos). The already automated swallow then provides an important basis for this.

Strictly follow the instructions
For the FroggyMouth to take effect, it is important to actually follow these steps:

  • Use continuously for 15 minutes every day. If the FroggyMouth is removed from the mouth once during those 15 minutes, start again.
  • Use the FroggyMouth while watching a television at eye level, because the head is not bent.
  • Keep watching attentively, so that the head moves as little as possible and the correct swallowing can be activated in the same way during this 15 minutes.
  • Don’t talk with the FroggyMouth in the mouth.
  • Give little to no instructions on how to swallow; the correct swallowing process must come about subconsciously.

After use, the FroggyMouth can be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Then dry it well and put it back in the box. Watch the instruction video here.

Small, medium or large
The FroggyMouth comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. The width of the client's mouth determines the required version. When using the FroggyMouth, the corners of the mouth should remain relaxed. Therefore: rather a little too small FroggyMouth, than one that is too big. The FroggyMouth can be ordered per piece, or per set of three pieces with a discount of € 15 (any combination of small, medium or large is possible). When purchasing one or more FroggyMouth(s), the book 'Neurosciences and swallowing rehabilitation' can be ordered with a big discount (for € 19.50 instead of the normal retail price of € 55.00: read more information about this book below).

When and when not?
The FroggyMouth can be used from the age of 3 years. A stable anatomical environment is the only condition to use it. So not with a very narrow upper jaw, because the tongue then cannot take a comfortable position against the palate. The tongue will then not find its physiological references because there is not enough space. Orthodontic work will first have to be done to widen the upper jaw.
If the palate is not too narrow, the FroggyMouth can be used by someone with a crossbite. Furthermore, it can be used in combination with a block brace, removable braces, invisalign braces, etc.
In case of weak jaw and mouth muscles, it may be a good option to (also) use a Myo Munchee to strengthen the muscles with training.
You can read more about the points for attention in the article 'Backgrounds and tips for working with the FroggyMouth'.

Book 'Neuroscience and swallowing rehabilitation'
The book Neuroscience and Swallowing Rehabilitation presents scientific studies and insights that provide the background for using the FroggyMouth. It neatly summarizes thousands of pages published by hundreds of researchers. In this sense, the book is a collection of reflections from forty years of clinical experience, providing a better understanding of functional rehabilitation. The book can be ordered for € 19.50, together with one or more FroggyMouth(s).

Only available for professionals
Because the FroggyMouth is effective after a correct diagnosis, clear instructions and good guidance, the instrument can be used by professionals such as orthodontists, dentists, speech therapists and oro-facial therapists. Direct delivery to clients is not possible. The FroggyMouth can therefore only be ordered in this webshop by stating your registered company number in the comments when placing the order.

More information
More information about the FroggyMouth can be found in the information folder that comes with it and on the website of FroggyMouth. The article 'Backgrounds and tips for working with the FroggyMouth' focuses on points of interest that are important for the practitioner. The instruction video mainly provides the users with a more detailed explanation.

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