Payne pasta (peppermint or strawberry flavour)

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For assessing the position of the tongue at rest and the active swallowing movement, using the Payne technique. After applying the paste to the tongue with a spatula, a mirror and the Payne lamp show where the fluorescent pasta has spread after the resting position of the tongue and after swallowing. This method is shown in this video.

The '4-dots-and-clack' test can also be performed with the Payne paste, to determine whether the tongue can be sucked in its entirety against the palate (in the case of a tongue tie that is too short and/or a palate that is too high and too narrow, this is not always possible). After 4 to 5 weeks of practice, an improvement should be visible compared to the initial measurement (the 4 dots should then be visible on the palate). After insufficient progress and a restrictive tongue tie, it may be considered to have the tongue tie corrected. The '4-dots-and-clack' test is shown in this video.

The Payne paste comes with a pipette to dilute the pasta with water if necessary. Available in peppermint or strawberry flavour (both gluten free). Content per jar: 15 cc.

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