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The Complete kit is a very complete kit for every OMFT professional.
The kit can be ordered for € 297.50 (a discount of € 45.50 on the total value of all instruments and materials).
The complete kit contains:

  • Force scale.
  • 25 standarized buttons.
  • Roll of rope.
  • Payne pasta (peppermint flavor), with pipette.
  • Payne pasta (strawberry flavor).
  • Payne lamp (batteries included).
  • 25 disposable spatulas.
  • 10 disposable mouthmirrors.
  • Simple mirror.
  • Short ruler to measure SOB/overjet.
  • Overjet measurer, to measure a larger overjet in combination with an open bite.
  • Measurer Angle of Mandible, to get an indication whether the open bite is skelletal or muscular of origin.
  • Roll CureTape for taping the orbicularis orbis.
  • Roll Omnifix to stimulate lip closure for mouthbreathers.
  • Cotton rolls (100 pieces) to place behind the upper lip at insufficiënt lip closure.
  • 4 syringes, usefull to train a correct swallow.
  • Orthodontic elastics 4/16" (100 pieces).
  • Orthodonticc elastics 5/16" (100 pieces).
  • Latex free orthodontic elastics 4/16" (100 pieces).
  • Alcohol 96% for disinfection/cleaning (250 ml).
  • Set of 2 C-shaped cheekholders.
  • Set of 2 V-shaped cheeckholders.
  • Double cheeck holder, small.
  • Double cheeck holder, medium.
  • Double cheeck holder, large.
  • Professional mouth mirror, small.
  • Professional mouth mirror, medium.
  • Professional mouth mirror, large.
  • Set of Kotlow rulers to measure the tongue tie according to Kotlow classification.
  • Tongue Guide Infant Pro (not shown in the photo), with which it is easy to move the tongue upwards and to tension the tongue tie. For example, while measuring the Kotlow classification of the tongue tie with the Kotlow ruler. For use with babies or very young children (from 0 to 2 years). 
  • Tongue Guide Standard Pro (not shown in the photo), for this same application for children from 2 years and adults.
  • Tongue Guide Infant Home (not shown in the photo), with which the area under the tongue can be stretched after a surgical correction of the tongue tie so that the wound under the tongue heals well.
  • Digital caliper, to determine the upper and lower indicator line of the jaws, that indicate in what direction the mandible and maxilla are growing.

(The photo shows the grooved director and the liper device. However, these have been replaced in the total package by the Tongue Guide Infant Pro, the Tongue Guide Standard Pro and the Tonge Guide Infant Home).

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