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This lip tape was developed by the makers of Myospots. By sticking the tape horizontally on the lips, or vertically over the lips, the mouth closes and breathing starts through the nose. This prevents mouth breathing and therefore also snoring. The sleep lip tape can also be used during physical exertion, to increase oxygen intake with nasal breathing.

The tape is ideal for men with a beard. The tape only sticks to their lips and not to the hairy skin around them. The stretchy nature of the lip tape allows partial opening of the mouth. The adhesive layer is hypoallergenic and designed to prevent skin irritations. The strip is easy to remove, without leaving any residue.

The lip tape comes in a small box. Each box contains 40 stretchable hypoallergenic lip tapes. When ordering 5 boxes at the same time, the price per box is € 16.50 (your benefit is € 5). An alternative for using this lip tape during fysical efforts, is Myotape Sport.

The importance of nasal breathing
It is very important to breathe through the nose, because mouth breathing ultimately leads to malocclusion. To prevent this, it is important to change the breathing behavior: breathe with the mouth closed and with the tip of the tongue upwards, against 'the roof’ of the mouth. There are various techniques and tools to learn the correct tongue position (practice with orthodontic elastics and sticking myospots to the palate) or to automate (the Re-mind). The lips can also be closed with lip plasters (Omnifix or Fixomull) or lip tape (Sleep lip tape or Myotape), so that nose breathing becomes a habit. Kinesio tape (such as Cure Tape) is used to strengthen the muscles around the mouth and to prevent open mouth behavior (with the associated mouth breathing). Kinesio tape lifts the skin around the mouth, which affects the function of the underlying muscles. Myotape has a similar effect. The knot or bottle exercise also increases the strength of the lip and mouth muscles.

Additional instructions
The lip tape is not suitable for children under 4 years old. Do not use the tape if you:
- Have abdominal complaints or risk of vomiting;
- Used tranquilizers;
- Has consumed (a lot of) alcohol;
- Have a severely blocked nose;
- Have a serious heart condition;
- Have serious breathing problems.


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