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It's hard to stop with thumb sucking. It is a strong habit and even if a child wants to stop, the thumb often goes into the mouth by itself. With a thumb sleeve over the thumb, that doesn't happen so easily anymore. This way the child gets that little bit of extra help to really stop. Especially during difficult moments and at night. Thumb sleeves are available in 7 different sizes, for children from 3 years up to adults. They have been specially developed for in neutral green tones, so that they can be used by both boys and girls.

The thumb sleeves are made of 100% cotton and can be easily and safely washed. Because the sleeves are made of fabric, they are kinder to children's hands than thumb protectors made of plastic. The sleeve goes over the thumb like a glove and is firmly secured to the wrist with a plastic button. They fit both the right hand and the left hand.

Choose the right size: measure first
The thumb sleeves are available in 7 sizes. Before ordering, measure your thumb to determine the correct size of the needed sleeve. Measure from the base of the hand to the tip of the thumb as shown in the picture. Then determine the size you need:

  • Size XXS: 5 to 6 cm.
  • Size XS: 6 to 7 cm.
  • Size S: 7 to 8 cm.
  • Size M: 8 to 9 cm.
  • Size L: 9 to 10 cm.
  • Size XL: 10 to 11 cm.
  • Size XXL: 11 to 12 cm.

Why do children suck on their thumb?
When a baby sucks on his or her fingers, it's actually quite natural. They sometimes start wit it when they are still in the uterus. Babies are born with a strong need to suck. This is very important as it helps them to get enough nutrition. One child sucks on a thumb, the other opts for one or two fingers. However, what starts as a reflex can eventually turn into a feeling of pleasure, comfort, security, safety and satisfaction.

Negative effects
Thumb sucking loses its function once babies are given solid food. If they still keep sucking, then it has become a routine. Because we often find thumb sucking endearing, it is not always given attention. But if it has become a habit, it can cause the following problems:

  • Crooked teeth.
  • A deformity of the jaw.
  • Incorrect tongue placement, which can result in incorrect swallowing behavior (with the tongue pressed between the teeth).
  • Mouth breathing instead of breathing through the nose. This can cause many complaints, such as a colds, throat and ear infections, hearing impairment and tooth decay.
  • Decrease in attention and concentration.
  • Abnormal speech (lisping).

How to unlearn thumb sucking
For many children it is not nice to have to stop thumb sucking all at once. Together agree on a situation per day in which the child will not suck on the thumb (for example while watching TV). Then expand the situations and the duration. Give a small reward for every successful step. Stimulate sleeping without a thumb. If the child still sleeps with a thumb in the mouth, gently remove it and close the lips. Closing the lips prevents breathing through the mouth.

When to stop?
Try to quit thumb sucking as soon as possible. From the age of 6 months you can already start with this and from 12 months the thumb sucking should have already stopped. If a child is still sucking on his or her thumb at the age of 3 years, the thumb sleeve can be used. The child is then well able to actively participate in unlearning the sucking. It is then to explain what the consequences of thumb sucking are and that quitting is better. If the will is there, that doesn't mean it will automatically work. The thumb sleeves are for children, teenagers and adults who want to stop, but need some help during difficult moments and at night. The thumb sleeves are suitable to wear day and night. There may come a time when a child no longer wants to wear the sleeve, while it is still necessary. Then try to continue in a positive way. For example, by promising a small reward.

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