Omnifix lip plaster

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Elastic fixation plaster on a roll (10 meters x 5 cm) for sealing the lips to prevent mouth breathing (during the day and at night). Ideal for cutting plasters with a small opening for the lips. Skin-friendly and easy to loosen. 

The Omnifix plaster is a good alternative to the more expensive Fixomull stretch, with comparable properties, the same centimeter division on the back and the same adhesive strength. However, Omnifix has more stretch and is therefore less sturdy. Fixomull works better for someone who has a tendency to open the mouth. Omnifix and Fixomull are cut in the same way to prepare the tape for use. This video shows how that is done and this video shows how the tape is applied.

Many OMFT therapists give their clients both a sample of Omnifix and Fixomull to try out which lip plaster is most comfortable for the person concerned. Purchasing a sample pack of lip tapes is another way to determine which type of lip tape is most pleasant.

Tip for loosening: open the mouth and slightly wet the applied lip plaster with the tip of the tongue. The plaster can then be removed easily.




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